Living With Intention Can Make Your Life Better

Every morning you have two choices:

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”

~ Jim Rohn

Living with intention can be intimidating. It is the decision to make a conscious effort to work towards something you want in your life. Instead of going through life on autopilot, living with intention is admitting that you want more & actually going after it. Leaving a comfort zone? That’s some scary stuff guys.

Despite how scary it may seem – it is totally worth it. Living with intention means having a say in what you get out of your life. And we like to live our lives to the fullest and without regrets, k?

Living with intention looks different for everyone. It can mean setting more boundaries in your life, leaving the job you hate and starting over in a career you love, making the move to a new city, deciding that you want to make your health a priority, etc. etc. – you get the idea.

Basically, living with intention is realizing what you actually want. If you’re going through life on autopilot, identifying what you actually want vs. being content with what you’re comfortable with/used to may be hard to do.

SO, here are some steps to help you live a more intentional life:

1. Figure out what you value in life.

Thinking about life on a b i g scale – what do you value the most?

Your career?



A simple life?

It’s okay to take some time to think about this and to do some deep soul searching! Talking to your close friends/family and asking them this question may also give you some ideas and clarity on your own values.

2. From these values, ask yourself what you want.

Decided that you value your career the most?

Great, focus on that & identify what you want/what that means to you.

Decided that you value family life the most? Great, focus on that.

Decided that you want more life experiences? Great, focus on that.

Decided that you want a to live a simpler life? Great, focus on that.

Decided that you have multiple values and can’t choose just one? Great, work toward them all! But make sure you prioritize them appropriately.

For example, if you value having a family and traveling the world, but aren’t ready to have kids just yet – take this time to travel and experience new things! Then focus more on family life when you feel ready to do so.

3. Break this into smaller, achievable goals.

Now that you’ve identified what it is you value and what it is you want– it’s time to break these down and get to work!

Let’s say you value a healthy lifestyle and want to focus more on your health right now. Great! So what does that look like to you?

Write down realistic steps to achieve your goal (hint: it won’t happen overnight, so think long term!)

4. Prioritize.

It’s all about priorities!

Make sure you take time to regularly check-in with yourself and your progress – in the morning while getting ready or during your nighttime routine are great times to do this!

Ask yourself: “Is what I’m doing helping me make progress toward my goals?”

5. Start with small daily habits.

When outlining your goals (see #3 above), be sure to include small daily habits that will bring about the desired change.

For example, if you’re looking to make a career change, identify small daily habits that will help smooth the transition. These can be tasks such as searching job boards for an hour every night to see what is out there, connecting and networking with others in your desired field for 30 minutes every day, developing the necessary skills for the desired career for X amount of minutes every evening, etc.

As I’ve mentioned before, massive changes are not going to happen overnight. When working toward your goals, consistency is key.

Lemme just say that again because it’s very important guys: consistency-is-key

When you’re checking in with yourself and your priorities (see #4 above), remind yourself of what your goals are so that you stay on track with your daily habits.



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