Keeping the Glass Half Full

It’s so easy to get lost in the things that bring you down. We all have those moments, or days, or sometimes even weeks, where it seems as though nothing is going our way. But it’s important to make sure that despite everything that is going on, we keep a positive attitude.

Positivity is what will keep us from sitting in those dark moments.

Positivity is what keeps us moving forward.

So, how do you incorporate more positivity into your life?

1. Reframe your challenges

There are no dead-ends, only redirections.

2. Keep a gratitude journal

Each day, write down 3-5 positive things that happened to you or that you're grateful for. This will help you intentionally focus on the good things that happen, instead of dwelling on the negatives.

3. Replace “have” with “get”

We quickly take for granted many opportunities we have in our everyday lives. For instance, instead of thinking “I have to wash the dishes” think, “I get to wash the dishes because I was fortunate enough to enjoy a delicious meal”

When you start to reframe your thinking, your attitude will change from having to fulfill obligations to being grateful for things we have become accustomed to having.

4. Breathe

Our breath is directly connected to, and affected by, our emotions. For example, when you get angry or anxious, can you feel your breath change? Typically, these emotional states increase our breath.

During these times, try to notice and reset your breath to help control your emotions.

5. Have solutions when pointing out problems

Instead of constantly pointing out things that are wrong, focus on the things you can do to make the situation better.



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