Getaway house: Shenandoah (D.C.)

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Getaway house is the perfect escape, just outside of D.C.

What it is

Getaway house DC is a modern cabin rental that forces you to slow down, unwind, and incorporate a little more wellness into your life. It’s a great place to completely unplug and enjoy nature. Getaway house is about a 2-hour drive from the city – and is well worth taking a trip to!

What to expect

From the moment you pull up to your cabin, you will feel at ease. The campfire pit, lounge chairs, and escaping the city for a bit is something dreams are made of guys.

Getaway house DC has everything you need to really disconnect and get some serious self-care time in. The team leaves a hand-written note on the desk welcoming you to your Getaway, along with a complimentary S’more kit (honestly what is better than that!?). The cabin has cards, dice, and a fun little book of wellness tips and games designed specifically for your Getaway. There is also a lockbox for your cellphone so you won’t be tempted to use it while you’re there!

The area where the cabins are located is quiet and secluded. You can see the other cabins, but they don't feel too close to you.

Before you head back home, there is an envelope for you to open with wellness tips that you can use when you’re back in the “real world” (obsessed). The morning of check out, you will also receive a text from the team thanking you for your stay and reminding you to incorporate more wellness practices into your daily life. Honestly you can really tell that the Getaway team has put a lot of thought into the entire Getaway experience.

Okay now that you know the amazing wellness aspects of Getaway house, time to talk logistics:

Once you book your cabin, almost everything else is taken care of for you!

About a week before you are expected to arrive, you’ll get an email (and text) reminder with the location of your cabin, check-in time (3:00 p.m.) and check out time (11:00 a.m.). The email also includes links to different posts on their website that explain what is in your cabin, what to pack, etc.

The day of your Getaway, you will get an email (and text) with instructions on how to get to your cabin, the name of your cabin, and the code to get in to your cabin. No need to check-in anywhere, the cabin code allows you to drive up to your cabin and walk right in! (so convenient right)

We stayed for 1 night, but I really wish we had stayed for 2 nights. With the check-in/check-out times, it was hard to really bask in the experience and completely unwind. Not to mention there are a few wineries close by that I definitely could have spent some time at.

The cabin has pretty much everything you need. It's a bit on the smaller side (think tiny house size), but honestly I loved it because it felt more cozy. There are items for purchase in your cabin (coffee, tea, cookies, pasta, etc.) as well as firewood and fire starters for purchase in the container outside of your cabin. The cabin is fully stocked with pans, cups, plates, scissors, a lighter, etc. You can have dinner at a winery and pack some snacks for later at night, or bring food to cook over the fire or in the kitchen.

The lantern inside the cabin can be used for additional lighting outside at night. There are also tick and insect repellent wipes available for purchase in your cabin - I decided to buy my own bug spray from the dollar store once I got there because I basically like to shower in it before being anywhere that has a lot of mosquitos (I don’t mess around okay). The bathroom is small but is located inside the cabin and has a nice shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash – there are also towels already in the cabin. Lastly, I would like to make it known that the cabin has no mirrors – so plan accordingly ladies.

If you forget anything, there is a dollar store and grocery store about 2.5 miles from the cabin. This is literally a bring some clothes, toothbrush, and a good book then figure everything else out type of Getaway.



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