Fall Basics: Shoes!

If you’re like me, the first hint of fall excites every bone in your body and you immediately start buying all things fall.

Because of this fall frenzy, I’ve accrued close to a hundred pairs of fall boots, shoes, and sneakers – and lemme tell ya, I’ve got some duplicates and numerous pairs I never even wear {talk about being EXTRA}.

I’m happy to say I’ve learned from my overzealous mistakes and now take a new approach when the seasons start to change. First, at the start of any new season, I make a list of things I want to buy. Then, I do an inventory of what I already have in my closet and see what I actually need off that wish list of mine. Since I’m already going through my closet, I also get rid of anything that I don’t like anymore or don’t actually wear to make room for new items. After I narrow my wish list down to the essentials, I do my homework in terms of where I want to buy what items.

My more sensible self has created a quick little guide with the 5 types of shoes you’ll need this fall:

*This list is of all my personal favorites – not necessarily what is “on trend” for this fall because sometimes I just prefer the classics, ya know!?*

1. A Practical Everyday Boot

A practical everyday boot is a boot that you can wear with most of your outfits that are comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere!

Okay so I loooove these ankle booties. I literally wear them all the time and they are really good quality. I love that there is a little tiny heel to add some height but they’re comfortable enough so that I can literally walk miles in them {that city life}. I also love the cut of these booties because they’re super flattering and make your legs look longer!

2. A Fun Everyday Boot

A fun everyday boot includes anything with bold prints, fun details, or whatever stands out to you!

I love these Velcro boots because they’re muted enough to wear everyday, yet have the cute Velcro detail to add a little something extra beyond the basic black boot. I also like that they look a little edgy for those days where I’m feeling a little edgy mmk.

3. A Classic Date Night Heel

A classic date night heel is any go-to heel you fancy that is a little dressier than your everyday shoe!

I’m really into sock booties right now and I think they make any outfit instantly look classy. This style bootie is definitely my go-to for date night!

4. Mules

I love a good pair of mules. They can be worn with a casual look or can be dressed up and worn to the office. They’re also great to have in between seasons when you aren’t sure what shoe to wear with your outfit. Definitely a must have for fall!

5. Crisp White Sneakers

Obviously I’m obsessed with white sneakers. They’re so comfortable and they can be styled so many different ways and worn during any season – buying a pair is a no brainer really!

~ Classic: Adidas

~ Trendy: Fila


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