Bluemont Vineyard - What to know before you go

I love a good winery, so naturally I was super excited to visit Bluemont Vineyard (umm hello look as these views).

Food/Wine: 10/10

*Goes to winery* *Talks about food first*

The food was AMAZING. We ordered the Mediterranean starter to share, I had the Classic Margherita Flatbread, and my friend ordered the Short Rib Street Tacos (all pictured above). It was all delicious – would definitely recommend! I also ordered the seasonal sangria and the Peach Wine Slushee drink – both were very good and refreshing.

Overall the food and drinks were great AND affordable!

Ambiance: 8/10

To get to the tasting room, you drive up a BEAUTIFUL tree lined road. The winery sits on top of a hill with a gorgeous outlook. The views alone are worth the trip. The building has two floors, with the majority of the space being outdoors. The winery has a very laidback vibe – you can definitely get away with dressing up or casual wear here! Honestly it was a beautiful view and really breathtaking for being such a short drive from the city (approx ~1 hour away).

I took away 2 points for ambiance because of the bugs (which duh b/c it’s summer – but still something worth mentioning). If you’re allergic to bees or wasps I would be careful. There were bees/wasps flying around our table the entire time. It didn’t get (super) bothersome until our food came out and they starting landing in the food (& I don’t like to share my food mmmk). I would guess that in the cooler temps they aren’t as bad! Just something to keep in mind.

Service: 3/10

I always want to give my honest opinion and feedback because I think honest, not so great reviews are just as important as beaming reviews. With that being said, I was not impressed with the service at Bluemont.

For starters, if you’re going for a relaxing winery experience – this may not be the place for you. If you’re looking to order food or additional glasses of wine (or bottles – hey, live yo best life girl), you have order everything at the bar. Now this is FINE, unless you need something outside of exactly what you ordered.

Second, I wasn’t thrilled with the staff members who assisted us. Our food order wasn’t sent back to the kitchen and it wasn’t until we went to complain about how long it was taking (literally one hour after placing the order) that they noticed the order was never sent back. Mind you, we went early in the day so the place was quite empty. On top of that, the staff members who took our order never apologized for their mistake.

Lastly, the staff wasn’t super accommodating to requests. Pro tip: if you drink a lot of water (like I do), I suggest you bring your own. The only water cups available are the small 3 oz. plastic cups – larger cups for water aren’t provided upon request because of the winery’s efforts to “reduce plastic waste” – even though all of their utensils are plastic and other drinks are served in plastic cups.

Overall, if you’re planning on taking a trip to Bluemont – I think expectations should be managed. Had I known the above information beforehand, I think my overall experience at this winery would have been a lot better.



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